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Introduction to SharpSTUNT

STUNT = "Simple Traversal of UDP Through NATs and TCP too"

This C# library implement a lightweight protocol that allows applications running behind a NAT to determine external IP and port-binding properties, packet filtering rules and various timeouts associated with TCP connections through the NAT.

Knowing these parameters allows applications to establish TCP sessions between two NAT'ed hosts. As a result P2P and other applications can work through existing NAT infrastructure without sacrificing the benefits of TCP. It is a port of the original STUNT library that allow NAT traversal.

You can find more information at:


12/12/06 - The STUN Beta is available (UDP traversal is checked in and running). STUNT (TCP Traversal) is still in progress.
25/07/06 - The library is currently migrated to C#, we have to test it


1 - Test the library
2 - Write samples
3 - Improve the library to support scalability (use async sockets)
4 - Optimize the library
5 - Documentation

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